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Each day at Horsepower is an exciting new challenge. Workouts are constantly varied and fresh, so you’re never bored and always learning!” Matt R., 29, North Hollywood


It’s hard to describe, but there’s something about working together towards our highest potential that breeds camaraderie like nothing else in the world.” Phillip N., 37, Los Angeles


You find potential within your body that you never even knew you had… and it’s amazing how it starts to radiate in your energy outside the gym!” Rosanna S., 21, Sherman Oaks


If you just show up even a few times each week, before you know it, your body is trading fat for muscle, and you have a well-rounded fitness like you wouldn’t believe!” Laurie C., 42, Studio City


    • This place is awesome! Its a beautiful gym and the workouts are a lot of fun. Dan (owner) is great and very attentive to people just beginning. I recommend CrossFit studio city to all types and all ages if you are serious about your health...

      Tony S, West Hollywood, CA
    • I joined Horsepower CrossFit about two months ago and can't stop coming to the classes! The atmosphere the people and most importantly the workouts are addicting! I have been an avid gym goer for sometime and crossfit has definitely helped me mix my training up! The staff and facility are top notch and the staff all have vey diverse backgrounds which makes this team awesome!! Don't wait, come in today and check this place out!!!

      Tamieka J, West Hollywood, CA
    • Great staff/trainers, Great community feel, Nice facility, Awesome Workouts! Highly Recommended!

      Daniel M, Encino, CA
    • It's in studio city. It's clean. It's new. It's good. It hurts. I'm back for more..

      Burt B, Studio City, CA
    • So I started Crossfitting almost almost three years ago back on the east coast. I was affiliated with a few different Cossfit gyms in Philadelphia and South Jersey! I fell in love with the athletisism and conditioning it put me in. Once I heard about this facility opening up in Studio City ( close to where I live in Noho arts district) I quickly signed up. The facility is immaculate and Dan, the owner truly believes in the sport of Crossfit , not only in building better bodies but overcoming obstacles and becoming stronger at life. For the past six weeks, I have been achieving my goals as an athlete and enjoy training with the people in this gym every day. Dan truly put something special together here in Studio City and Im proud to be apart of it. I highly recommend this gym to anyone who is tired of the regular grind of 24 hour fitness and Equinox. We go hard at Crossfit Horsepower and the proof is there!

      Mike P, Toluca Lake, CA
    • This CrossFit has great instructors who strike the right balance between offering super challenging workouts and safe, informed, technique-based instruction. The atmosphere is just right for everyone from beginners to experts. In a short time Dan and the awesome staff (Meredith's morning classes are not to be missed!) have created a space where you can exceed your expectations.

      James B, North Hollywood, CA
    • I've been looking for a workout that will keep me motivated and get me back in the gym on a regular basis for some time now. I used to work out fanatically, but work and other factors took over my time. I had a personal trainer, took Cardiobarre classes, took classes at the gym, and pretty much tried all the fads out there. I heard about Crossfit from my friend who swears by it. When I saw that a Crossfit was opening a few blocks away from me, I decided to give it a try. The facility is brand new and its in a great location. I've been going to Crossfit Horsepower for 2 weeks now and I'm hooked. The workouts are intense and challenging. I'm feeling muscles be sore that I forgot existed. The trainers are very attentive and they focus on form which is very important. I've signed up for the unlimited monthly plan. I basically feel like I have a personal trainer in a group environment. This is definitely the best workout that I've had in years. The energy is great and I look forward to getting my workouts in.

      Evelin G, Studio City, CA
    • I've been a member at Crossfit Horsepower for two weeks. So far I've really enjoyed the experience. The coaches are all really knowledgeable and always motivating me. The classes are small and the energy is always positive.

      Mimi B., Downtown LA
    • I've only been to two classes so far and I'd already swear by this place. I approached Crossfit Horsepower with equal parts excitement and trepidation. For the past year and a half, I've had to temper my athleticism due to a myriad of knee problems, including surgery. I wanted to join Crossfit so I could bring my intensity back, but I worried I wouldn't be able to keep up with the classes or other "elite athletes." I emailed Dan, who emailed me back almost immediately and told me to come in for a chat. He took fifteen minutes out of his morning to discuss my athletic and injury background and then explained scaling to me. I was sold. The classes have been phenomenal and both the instructors and fellow athletes have been so great about when I have had to scale things back. There's no judgement in class, just encouragement -- and lots of high-fiving! The instructors are attentive and passionate. It's such a great environment and totally worth the money. I could not be happier about my decision to join.

      Kaitlin W, Studio City, CA
    • I have always worked out, on my own, tried different classes and gyms, worked out with the personal trainer, but CrossFit Horsepower beats them all. I could not be happier. Signing up with this gym, was a great decision! 1. Brand new facility. 2. Great, positive, friendly atmosphere. 3. Inspiring people around. 4. Dans' (owner of the gym) devotion to make facility and work out experience better every day. 5. Great trainers. If you are one of those people who wants to make a change in your life, but never had enough will power to do it. This place is for you! It is ADDICTING, MOTIVATING and ENCOURAGING!

      Jelena S, North Hollywood, CA
    • This gym is nicer and cleaner than the other facilities I looked at before deciding. And the trainers really know what they are doing. They will correct you and motivate you but not scream at you so much you can't block out the pain... because damn... workouts like jumping lunges are as pain free as a kick in the.. you know what... I run my own company and it demands a lot of energy. But I no longer have to drink my green tea or coffee in the morning! My mind has recouped as much benefit from this as my body.This gym and workout routine are ridiculous! Since starting I have lost 23 LBS and am now on my 2nd month. An amazing result I saw was when I went and bought pants with a size 32 waist, a size I haven't worn since college. Now a couple weeks later those 32's are loose on me! Soon I will be better looking Dan Wells... Lord knows I'm already smarter...

      Brett S, Studio City, CA
    • Pain never felt so good. I've been in and out of the gym since my high school days, but this program has made me seriously commit and I have made more gains in the few weeks I have been coming than in the past few years. Be prepared to sweat like you've never sweat before and have a feeling of accomplishment when you finish the WOD. Staff are all personable and extremely knowledgable. Before every work out, the class begins with lots of stretching and warm ups. Afterwards, they go over the movements that the class will be using during the work out and then they can scale each work out for each person so no matter if youre a novice or a beast in crossfit, you are guaranteed to get a great workout every day. Its like having a personal trainer in each class. The facilities are brand new and always clean, including his and hers showers with full towel service. If you're looking for an ass kicking workout, then this is the place for you. Hands down 5 stars.

      Chadd W, Mid-City West LA
    • I had no CrossFit experience and hadn't worked out in a public gym for a long time, but wanted to give CrossFit Horsepower a shot. After one class I was hooked. The staff is great - extremely knowledgeable, helpful and patient - but also motivating. The workouts are are strenuous and challenging but doable - you are proud when you finished because you know you've accomplished something, but equally thirsty to get back at it the next day. There's also a great group of participants there who cheer each other on, it's a very supportive community. The facilities are brand new and top shelf, and perhaps my favorite part is the great music they play to drive you through your workout! I simply can't imagine a better fitness experience. I'm hooked.

      Chase C, Los Angeles, CA
    • I'm new to this whole world of crossfit, but if it's a solid workout you desire then look no further. No more walking around the gym looking lost or time wasting, just pure action and results. The gym is perfectly clean, smartly designed and run by great people who will give their all to focus on the individual. For example, I have very tight hamstrings and find air squats very hard. Coach Dan took time out of the session and helped me to build to this position. It's the little things like that which separate good gyms from ones I will take time out of my day to review. 5 stars, see you all soon

      Adam R, North Hollywood, CA

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